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Alternate Text Alternate Text I want to register in Smart customs. What to do?

You can access the Smart customs portal through ASAN Login. If there is a phone number in your name, you can use the mobile number app, if not, you can use video registration.

Alternate Text Alternate Text How to open a personal cabinet on the portal?

Access to the Electronic Government portal is possible only with the ASAN Login single sign-on system. In ASAN Login, a citizen can enter the portal with PIN/Password, ASAN Signature, SIMA signature, SIMA TOKEN (Electronic signature), BCSC electronic signature

Alternate Text Alternate Text Is the salary indicated in the employment certificate?

It depends on the desire of the applicant. It is possible in both forms (to indicate or not indicate the salary).

Alternate Text Alternate Text I have a new generation ID card, they want my registration address, how to get it?

You can register in portal, enter your personal cabinet and get an ID card extract.

Alternate Text Alternate Text I have an IDP status, but I have lost the document, how can I check?

You can register in ASAN login, log in to the portal and get a certificate on IDP status.

Alternate Text Alternate Text I am registered in ASAN login, but I no longer use the phone number. What to do?

With the help of Mobile number app in ASAN login, you can add another phone number to your cabinet and log in.