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EGDC team is among the best in the international Olympiad

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Employees of the E-GOV Development Center (EGDC) have qualified for the finals of the International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO).

Samir Mammadov and Umid Suleymanov, employees of the Artificial Intelligence division of the Data Laboratory Department, represented EGDC at the International Data Analysis Olympiad.

In order to qualify for the finals, the contestants tried to solve the problem of classifying various subatomic particle events in order to better understand the nature of dark matter, which makes up 85% of the total matter in the universe.

EGDC employees took the 6th place among 648 teams representing 66 countries and won the right to participate in the final stage.

In the final round, which took place online on April 17-18, participants were required to predict whether bank customers would accept the offered loan product or not. Representatives of EGDC took the 13th place among 30 teams in the final stage.

It should be noted that this is the 4th International Data Analysis Olympiad. In 2018, 1533 participants from 55 countries and in 2019, 2187 participants from 78 countries were represented in the competition. 2756 contestants from 83 countries took part in the online competition in 2020. Students, graduate students, company employees, researchers and scientists of any age group participate in the International Olympiad. As part of the competition, participants not only improve the quality of their predictions, but also develop effective resource algorithms. EGDC attaches great importance to the application of artificial intelligence solutions in e-government services and research in this area.

International conference and data competition on "Artificial intelligence in digital management" in digital format, organized by EGDC will be held in digital format on April 26-28 of the current year. The international conference and data contest, organized with the sponsorship of “PASHA Holding”, “the International Bank of Azerbaijan”, “BestComp” and bp is dedicated to the memory of world-famous scientist Lotfi Zadeh. Every citizen of Azerbaijan, regardless of age, education and specialty, can participate in the data contest. Workshops on data competition will be held for two consecutive days and the winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes. Registration for the data contest ends on April 25. For registration and more information: 

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