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An international conference on "Artificial Intelligence in Digital Governance" is held

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The opening ceremony of the conference "Artificial Intelligence in Digital Governance" (AIFORDIGIGOV) organized by the E-GOV Development Center (EGDC) of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held on April 26.

Ulvi Mehdiyev, Chairman of the State Agency, Jan Kleijssen, Director of the Information Society and Action against Crime Directorate, Council of Europe, Fariz Jafarov, Director of E-GOV Development Center attended at the conference.

Emphasizing the importance of the event, Chairman of the State Agency Ulvi Mehdiyev spoke about the prospects of artificial intelligence in governance, the application of various components of artificial intelligence in Azerbaijan in various fields, the transition to a new generation of public services as "ASAN service". He said that the application of artificial intelligence in public services plays a crucial role in providing services to citizens. The chairman of the State Agency also spoke about the importance of the “Smart City” project, which will be implemented in the liberated regions on the instructions of President Ilham Aliyev. He emphasized that this demonstrates the intention of the Azerbaijani state: especially in terms of improving the welfare of citizens, more accessible, transparent organization of services.

Fariz Jafarov, Director of EGDC said that the main purpose of the event was to learn international experience in artificial intelligence, adapt global knowledge and strategies on artificial intelligence to the local ecosystem, and promote the application of artificial intelligence solutions in society. He noted that the application of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in the development of e-government is important to ensure citizen satisfaction.

The conference "Artificial Intelligence in Digital Governance" is dedicated to the memory of world-famous scientist Lotfi Zadeh.

“AIFORDIGIGOV”, the first conference on artificial intelligence in Azerbaijan, is implemented with the sponsorship of “PASHA Holding”, “the International Bank of Azerbaijan”, “BestComp” and bp. In general, 56 speakers from 22 countries- Azerbaijan, Turkey, Great Britain, Canada, USA, Estonia, Korea, Germany, Singapore, Italy and others took part in the conference.

More than 1,200 people from Azerbaijan have registered for the conference on the official website of the event. The international event was also met with great interest by the member states of the Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the Council of Europe.

On the first day of the conference, discussions and sessions were held on the transformative power of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and digital governance, artificial intelligence and public services, artificial intelligence and the future. Head, Digital Transformation Office at the Presidency of Turkey Ali Taha Koc, Director-General of the International Government Service and Digital Envoy for the UK at Cabinet Office Kevin Cunnington, Chief Digital and Chief Information Officer of “ChristianaCare” company of USA Randy Gaboriault, an Italian researcher Gianluca Misuraca, Special Advisor of Digitalization at the Ministry of Finance of Finland Aleksi Kopponen, and others spoke on these topics.

On April 27, on the second day of the conference, discussions and sessions will be held these topics: ethics of artificial intelligence, state strategies on artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and fintech, "AI for Good".

On April 28, the last day of the event, discussions will be held on the transformation of health with artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and society.

A data competition will be held on the “Kaggle” platform to solve a certain problem within the framework of the conference. 185 teams have registered to participate in the data consent. On April 26-27, the participants of the data consent will be provided with training-workshops by EHIM.

The “Kaggle” platform, where the competition will take place, is an online community of amateurs and professionals in the field of data science and machine learning. Through this platform, which covers 194 countries with more than 5 million users large-scale and data-driven issues with a large scope from different areas of activity are addressed by team or individual competitors. As part of the conference, the winners of the data competition will be awarded cash prizes. The main purpose of the “AIFORDIGIGOV” international conference is to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence-based technologies in digital management in Azerbaijan, acquaintance with the experience of countries of the world, identifying new challenges and perspectives in this direction, educating the public about the artificial intelligence ecosystem, increasing interest in this field in the country, promoting, transmitting messages to future generations in choosing a profession.

More information about the conference is available on the official website of the event

The technical partner of the conference is the “Caspian Event Organizers” company.