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EGDC held discussions with local executive powers on the portal

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The E-GOV Development Center (EGDC) of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a meeting with local executive powers. The meeting discussed issues such as improving the work of local executive authorities on the portal "Digital Executive Power" -, expanding the work done within the portal, research and solution of problems, and measuring digital literacy. In addition, extensive discussions were held on the design of services, and opinions and proposals of the executive powers have been taken into account in this direction.

The portal was made available to citizens in November 2021. The portal aims to increase flexibility in the decision-making process, increase digital literacy, provide access to services from a single space, save time for citizens, facilitate the application process, as well as ensure flexibility and efficiency in the activities of local executive powers.

A number of modules have been created for citizens on the portal:

• Through the services module, citizens can apply electronically for various services, including those provided by local executive powers;

• Through the Citizen Reception Module, citizens can apply for an online or on-site meeting with the relevant local executive power;

• Through the e-participation module, inquiries on socially relevant topics can be created at the initiative of citizens within the activities of local executive powers. Once approved by the local executive power, citizens can vote on this request;

• It is possible to get information about the work done by local executive powers through the Information module.

In 2022, EGDC conducted online trainings for all local executive powers. At present, all executive powers are integrated into the portal. Citizens can use all the opportunities created by the portal by accessing via “ASAN Login”.