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Public services provided through "ASAN Login" have become more accessible with SIMA

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The integration of the new generation SIMA digital signature created by “AzInTelecom” LLC under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport (RINN) into the “ASAN Login” Single Sign-On System has been completed. Public services applied through the “ASAN Login” Single Sign-On System managed by the E-GOV Development Center of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will now be more accessible through the new generation digital signature SIMA.

Citizens will be able to access 80 portals and systems integrated from “ASAN Login” ( ) through SIMA from a single location.

Using SIMA will allow citizens to access the service without going anywhere, without wasting time, as well as without spending money on signatures. These services include “myGov”, “ASAN pay”, “e-Social”, “e-Agro”, “e-Procurement”, “e-Auction”, State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance, ADRA integrated into “ASAN Login”, Electronic Appeal System of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as services provided through other systems integrated into the “ASAN Login”. At present, the integration of signing documents with SIMA for services provided through these portals is underway.

It is possible to use all e-services that require a signature through SIMA. SIMA has a number of advantages for both citizens and service providers. The mobile application's signature can be integrated into any system, as well as automation allows users to sign quickly and in any number.

It will be possible only to log in to ASAN Login with SIMA. To get a new generation of digital signatures, it is enough to download the SIMA application on a mobile device and register once. The signature, which increases access to digital services, is expected to accelerate business processes in our country.

More information on SIMA digital signature is available on and by contacting the 157 Call Center.