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IT-systems of Health Ministry Partially Migrate to "Government Cloud"

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As part of this process, the information systems of state institutions are fully or partially migrated to Baku and Yevlakh-located AzInTelecom LLC Data centers under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport.


The Ministry of Health acquired the cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provided by AzInTelecom LLC as part of the migration to the "Government Cloud". Partially deployed at AzInTelecom's data centers, the Ministry's IT systems ensured high availability of their critical components.


A report was drawn up in the initial phase following the evaluation of the overall infrastructure of the Ministry, underpinning a consulting service provided in respect of the IT system migration. Besides, a Roadmap was drawn up that reflected this migration process.


The Ministry also used the cloud-based Backup as a Service (BaaS) in order to keep its data safe. "AzInTelecom" LLC provided ministry specialists with a Veeam data platform in order to manage the respective functionality in a more flexible and straightforward way.


The Ministry also used AzInTelecom-provided IP telephony service to set up a hotline and receive requests from the participants of the First and Second Karabakh wars, with calls managed by using the Reservation service.


The migration of government agencies to the "Government Cloud" helps drive down operational IT costs and boost the productivity of information systems.


Too, it helps reduce IT costs and boost the productivity of information systems, establish a more effective security systems, deliver a resilient and sustainable IT infrastructure, and provide high-quality services and 24/7 monitoring.