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Azercosmos, SpaceX Strike Cooperation Agreement

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The Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Azercosmos) has signed a cooperation agreement with the US company SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation).


The agreement was signed during a meeting between the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, Azercosmos, and SpaceX.


According to the document, an arrangement was reached between Azercosmos and SpaceX on the resale of Starlink broadband satellite internet service in Azerbaijan.


Already successfully tested by Azercosmos in our country, this broadband communication could be used by users at sea, on land, on railways and other transport lines, in work and information centers in remote regions, that is, in any place with insufficient Internet coverage.


Samaddin Asadov, Chairman of the Board at Azercosmos said that they are happy to work in Azerbaijan together with a world-class technology provider such as SpaceX. As Starlink's internet services partner, he said, 'we will expand our advanced satellite technology services at sea and on land, overcoming the barriers created by traditional and often limited telecom infrastructures.'


Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX said during the meeting that the cooperation between Azerbaijan and SpaceX is an important step towards sustainable development of space industry. Ms Shotwell lauded the International Astronautical Congress, due to be held in Baku, as an important global initiative and said SpaceX company would be participating.