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Azerbaijani Startups Took Part in Türkiye's Teknofest

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Supported by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, local startups took part in Teknofest, a festival held in Türkiye. The 5-day Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival was held in Ankara and featured Metatesk, Ednify, SmartROW, and Azirrigation startups from Azerbaijan.


The projects are focused on innovative solutions in the respective fields of education (Metasek, Ednify), communication (SmartRow), and agriculture (Azirrigation). The participation of these startups in Teknofest has been heavily backed by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency; besides, during their visit to the festival, IDDA representative Mir Kanan Mansurzada, who participated in the event, exchanged ideas with Azerbaijani startup teams regarding the level of preparation and presentations, and made his suggestions to that end. In addition, instructions were given as to how to secure investment opportunities and partnerships.


Attending the startup stands were Turkish government officials, renowned investors, and business analysts. Among them was Selçuk Bayraktar, the creator and founder of Bayraktar UAVs, who came up to the stands representing Azirrigation and Metatesk. The new Minister of Finance, Mehmet Şimşek also reviewed Azerbaijani-created startups.


Turkish businessman Necmettin Bilal Erdoğan, in turn, attended the stand put up by Metatesk. Within the framework of the festival, some of local startups received cooperation offers and held subsequent meetings. That is, SmartROW startup team received a meeting offer from Tubitak to discuss the application of their technology at the next TEKNOFEST, which is going to be held in Izmir.


As part of Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival, IDDA team held meetings and discussed potential cooperation with the Turkish Aeronautical Association University, Ankara University, Trabzon University, Gazi University, and other universities specialized in the relevant field.