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An initial version of the regional digital government portal has been developed

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The e-Gov Development Center (EGDC) of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has prepared an initial version of the Digital Executive Power portal.

Among the services provided by local executive authorities in the regions through the portal, services that can be digitized will be provided to citizens online. Before launching the portal, EGDC considers it important to ensure the participation of citizens in this process, to study the views and opinions of citizens and to receive suggestions.

Citizens can get acquainted with the portals providing relevant services and express their opinions through the links provided below: For getting acquainted with the regional digital government portal:

To get acquainted with interface of personal cabinet here:

To participate in the survey regarding the portal:

As part of building a regional digital government, it is planned to measure the level of digital literacy in the regions, calculate the IT infrastructure and specialist capacity of local executive authorities, digitize the most needed services based on the results and launch a centralized e-service portal.

At the initial stage, 3 socio-economically active regions were selected as pilot projects. Ganja city, Masalli and Guba districts. These regions were selected for the representation of each zone of Azerbaijan (North, South and West), the majority of the population and the location of the "ASAN service" center. Following the successful implementation of the projects, this experience will be developed and applied to other regions.