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EHIM has developed a mobile application for COVID-19 passport verification

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The E-GOV development Center (EGDC) of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has developed a special mobile application for checking COVID-19 passports in the institutions and enterprises provided by the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers. Director of the Center Fariz Jafarov gave detailed information about it at a press conference on July 27. The mobile application, which will be launched on September 1, will be used by authorized persons of institutions and enterprises through the portal Through the application, an authorized person entering the system will be able to check whether a citizen has a COVID-19 passport by scanning the QR code of the COVID-19 passport or or by entering ID card information.

Citizens can view COVID-19 certificates by registering on the e-government portal "" or mobile application, e-TABIB mobile application or portal, and can obtain a certificate if necessary.

It should be noted that by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, from September 1 at least 80% of employees of state bodies (agencies), employees of all medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and educational institutions, regardless of the form of ownership, as well as enterprises operating in the areas of work and services specified in the appendix to the Decision will be required to be vaccinated against the first dose of COVID-19, and from October 1, the second dose, or to have a certificate of immunity against COVID-19. Also, according to the decision, from September 1, people over the age of 18 will be able to use the services provided in public catering establishments, hotels, large shopping centers only with a COVID-19 passport. In addition, from September 1, all persons over the age of 18 studying at higher and secondary vocational education institutions will be required to have a COVID-19 passport. Citizens will be able to enter all these places by scanning the QR code of their COVID-19 passport.

Enterprises and institutions will be able to download the mobile application they will use to check COVID-19 passports from the portal

Citizens can download the mobile application "myGov" from the following links to obtain COVID-19 immunity and COVID-19 vaccine certificates.