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EGDC participated in the UN event on e-participation

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On January 10-11, the UN held a workshop on global e-participation.

The main purpose of the workshop is to build institutional and leadership capacity to strengthen the e-participation policy.

Fariz Jafarov, Director of the E-GOV Development Center of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, spoke at the event, which representatives from fifteen countries were attended. He gave detailed information about the work done in Azerbaijan to ensure e-participation, as well as the projects "ASAN Login", "myGov", "ASAN appeal", "Digital Executive Power", "ASAN Visa".

He also provided information on the “Idea Bank”, “myGov” (especially the feedback module), and the “ASAN Login” system, which are among the successful projects of Azerbaijan on the e-participation index in the 2020 report of the UN E-Government Development Index, at the international event organized online. A number of campaign projects implemented to take into account citizen participation in the application of public services, especially, the "Towards Digital Journalism" program, the "Digital Government" voluntary campaign program, the "Digital Executive Power Information" system, the "ASAN appeal" system and others were touched upon. In addition, it was brought to attention that regular public awareness was provided through existing social media platforms, as well as through the program "Digital Azerbaijan" broadcast on ASAN Radio.

The event also touched upon the comparative report of the UN E-Government Development Index for 2020. It was also noted that the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs has received a wide range of information from member countries for inclusion in the report to be submitted in 2022.

Developed and developing countries, as well as experts, the private sector, and civil society share the development trends, policies, and approaches of e-participation in the workshop organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.