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The first phase of awareness-raising activities conducted by digital volunteers has been completed

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The first stage of awareness-raising activities carried out in the regions by digital volunteers on the portal "Digital Executive Power" - has been completed.

Digital awareness was organized in Ganja, as well as in the Guba and Masalli districts by the E-GOV Development Center (EGDC) of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and with the “ASAN Volunteer” School. Citizens were informed about the advantages of the portal, e-application for an online or physical meeting with local executive powers, as well as possible e-services and other directions on the portal by digital volunteers who have undergone special trainings by EGDC. Also, Citizens wishing to register online on the portal were supported by volunteers.

In the first stage, in total, more than 7,000 citizens of Ganja city, Guba, and Masalli districts were informed about the portal.

Volunteers were awarded various gifts and thanks letters by EGDC for their active participation in informing citizens about the project.

The main goal of the "Digital executive power" portal is to provide electronic access to services from a single space, save citizens' time, increase citizen satisfaction, as well as achieve data-based operational decision-making. The portal was first launched in November last year for citizens of Guba, Masalli districts, and Ganja city. From March, it has been applied to the executive powers of all regions.